How Seasonal Packaging can Boost your Brand Identity?

Jan 14, 2019 | Blog

Seasonal packaging seems a very complicated task but when done right can boost your sales and take your business to a next level. Research and past packaging history have shown that consumer respond positively to attractive packaging designs especially during holidays or festive season.

Introducing seasonal packaging gives FMCG companies a new marketing opportunity to create an impression over their customers. Packaging plays an important role in marketing; even today most of the consumers decide to buy a product by looking at the design, form and function of the packaging.

Especially in the FMCG industry, packaging also implies safety and security of the product. Therefore, food packaging manufacturers should dedicate a proper amount of time and resources before putting their idea into production.

Before you take any seasonal packaging decision, there are several factors you need to consider to make your packaging campaign more impactful.

Should you try seasonal packaging for your brand?

Honestly, this depends on the type of sector your business falls into. While food and drink beverages can leverage the seasonal packaging trend throughout the year. Health brands like a protein shake or weight losing products cannot leverage holidays like Valentine’s Day or Diwali.

You need to have a clear understanding of your customer needs. If your packaging color guarantees the safety of a product and you redesign the packaging using different colors, this can irritate your customer making them drive away from the food shelf.

For example: – In 2011, Coca-Cola changed its packaging color from red to white, aiming to create awareness about the endangered white polar bears. The strategy backfired on Coca-Cola since most of the customers chose white can thinking it as diet coke. The company ended up releasing red can as an alternative for these white cans.

A giant like Coca-Cola can manage such mishap, but most small and medium scale businesses have only one shot to get things right.

Opportunities to Use Seasonal Packaging

While there are various occasions to change your packaging, not every business can benefit from this opportunity. While some businesses can be versatile in their packaging others need to choose a proper occasion to introduce their creativity. You need to implement a trial and error method to check what works best for you

The common times of the year to introduce seasonal packaging includes:-

  • New year
  • Christmas
  • Summer Holidays
  • Winter
  • Monsoon Season
  • Diwali
  • Valentine’s day
  • Company’s Anniversary
  • Country-specific holidays like Republic Day, Independence Day etc.
  • Major events like Olympics, World Cup etc.

Factors you need to keep in mind while planning your next seasonal packaging campaign

Create theme based packagings –

Instead of creating a product especially for Christmas, you can choose winter as your theme. This way you can keep your products relevant for a longer period of time without looking dated.

Eliminate the need for gift wrapper –

If your products are primarily bought as a gift, you can go ahead and design the packagings in a way that it eliminates the need of gift wrapping the product. This will attract more customers as the product is ready to go as soon as it is moved from the shelf.

Launch an Advertising Campaign –

You don’t need to invest a huge amount of money. Even a small social media campaign can give your packaging campaign a huge boost. Especially if you are introducing something eco-friendly, social media marketing can garner huge attention.

Choose appropriate occasion –

This is the most important task; choose holidays and events which resonates with your brand. Just remember that you are not changing your marketing identity but trying to solidify its presence. Changing your brand message seasonally can confuse your target audience.

Don’t over order –

Don’t overstock your shelf with too many seasonal packaging products. Any leftover from the festive season is perceived as a failure from customer’s point of view. Include packaging changes like ribbons or labels which can be reverted as soon as the season ends. Over-estimating customer demand could hamper sales revenue.

Consider multicultural audience –

We live in a multicultural society. Creating brands adhering to only one cultural value can narrow down your audience reach. Packages aligning various aspects of society into one single idea can be an effective marketing tool than packages devoted to one cultural symbol. Example: – Instead of focusing Christmas as a Christian festival, you can advertise you packagings capturing the idea of a holiday season.

Budget –

This point is considered in every aspect of a business, but with seasonal packaging, you need to be extra careful. Your packaging campaign should be able to give you a greater ROI and brand advocacy than your ordinary packaged products.

Good Seasonal packaging Campaign will result in Great Brand awareness

In Conclusion, we would like to say that if you are planning to launch a seasonal packaging campaign, you need to have a detailed plan for execution. Keep in mind the latest packaging trends and need of your customers. Personalized and interactive packaging has been very popular in recent times. With the rise in social media, people are aware of what’s going around them. Good seasonal packaging will result in greater brand awareness inviting new customers under your umbrella.

Disclaimer – “Views expressed in the blogs, are exclusive thoughts of the author and are not necessarily aligned to Parakh Group’s policies”.