After the establishment of Samrat range of products, we decided to go a step ahead to give you something that you require more frequently. The company steered into the edible oil industry. At the inception stage, the company possessed a production capacity of 300 Tonnes per day. We are the first ones to adapt Nano-technology in our refining processes, in a way refining each drop perfectly for you. We have also given a lot of attention to packaging because we know, that our oils are not going to one timers in your pans and woks, but will stay in your kitchen for as long as our commitment to you stays strong!


Consumer Pack

With brands named Vilina, Namaste and Nimrani our range consists of Rice Bran oil, Sunflower oil, Soyabean oil and Palmolien Oil, the healthiest choices to opt for when you are looking for making a lifestyle change. With a promise of reduced Cholesterol levels for the newer generations, lighter on the stomach as well your heart and with an assurance of providing the same taste that used to be produced generations ago, we have tried to give you a product that each member of the family is happy consuming.